Getting a job in Web Analytics

December 23, 2008

This is one of the most common questions that I have seen on the Web Analytics Yahoo Groups. Web Analytics has been one of biggest growth positions in the last several years and people want to find a way to get a job in web analytics. And why not, it is a very exciting career opportunity and has the potential for pretty big salary. Of course, it takes several years to get to that point. With all of that being said, here is my story of how I got a job in web analytics. First, let me being one step back. Before web analytics, I had a few jobs in the finance field. My employer at the time was a government contractor and I was a financial analyst, make sure we stand within budget for the various projects. Well, the local government that we contracted with decided not to renew our contract (they thought they could do it cheaper). I can not say that I was totally surprised by the government’s decision. We had heard rumors that this decision might happen. So, here I was about to loose my job in 60 days and had not idea of what I was going to do. I did the typical thing; I went to monster and hotjobs and even called a few recruiters (this was in 2003).

One day, for some reason I decided to look in the newspaper and see what I could find. I saw a job listing for an Internet Marketing Analyst at Baseball Express and instead of an email address I had to fax my resume. Fax? Really? This is for an internet job, right? Keep in mind that this was before the WAA, Web Analytics Yahoo Group, or some of the web analytics recruiters were around. Don’t get me wrong, web analytics was obviously around back in 2003. About a year or so before is when the switch occurred from a log based system to a JavaScript based system. At the time when I accepted the offer, I had no idea what I was getting into. Little did I know that this job was going to change my life and start my career in web analytics. I had to take a small pay cut when I accepted the job, but hey I was about to loose my current job so a job for a little less money was better than no job. Unfortunately, this all to familiar in today’s economy. The first assignment at my new position, find us a web analytics tool? Obviously, the way that I found this position is not typical and is not a way that you might think of finding a web analytics position. There are now a few web analytics job boards and more networking than there was five years ago. This just goes to show you that you that there are several different ways to get a job in web analytics. The one piece of advice that I will give if you want to get a job in web analytics is see if there is small company (a friend’s website would work) that needs some assistance in analyzing their site who is willing to give the freedom to learn and study web analytics.

Another suggestion might be to see if there is a contract job (remotely, if you can get it) that is looking for someone with a little less experience who is willing to give you some training and/or time to learn more about web analytics. Both of these might seem like it is trying to find a needle in a haystack, but these types of jobs are out there.


3 Responses to “Getting a job in Web Analytics”

  1. Krish Says:

    Yeah, your correct. But finding that job is what is killing me. I tried, I tried and I am still trying to find that kind of job, but I am not able to get it.. Frankly, I have decided that, this is the field which I need to enter. This fascinates me soo much.. started to read lots of blogs and got some books too.. Hopefully I get a job where I can deploy what I am learning simulteneously in the real world..


    • webanalyticsguy Says:

      Krish, finding the job is definitely the hard part. I think you made the right choice of careers. I absolutely love and have a passion for analytics. Today’s economy has had interesting effects on the web analytics field. My suggestion is get to know one of the free tools and understand the ins and outs. I have also seen a lot of consulting jobs out there in the last few months. Though some of the companies want the consultant onsite, it never hurts to ask if the company would be open to someone working remotely. That might be a good place start.

      • Krish Says:

        yeah, thinking of the same. Even i love this analytics now, though I dint get into it completely. But now adays companies seems to want experienced guys, so the chances for a person like me is very less. But wont leave my hope, will keep trying 🙂 nyways thanks for your tips 🙂 wil be following your blog..

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