Implementing Omniture Part II

February 12, 2009

When I wrote my first post on Implementing Omniture, I wanted to give a general overview of some of the techniques that I use to implement Omniture to help inform business decisions. I have had a better than expected response to the post. I want to follow up with more techniques, but I am going to cover a few more items. I am going to go over the differences between an eVar, a prop, and an event and how I choose which one I use. I am also going to cover the Omniture plug-ins that I use and why I use them. I was looking at some of my RSS reader and I saw a post by Adam Greco of Omniture that goes over some of the plug-in that Omniture offers. I know there are some people who are searching to find the Omniture Implementation manual for SiteCatalyst. As far as I am aware, the only way to get the Omniture Implementation Manual is having a login for SiteCatalyst. You will need to go to Knowledge Base section under Help and do a search for “full implementation manual.” That should get you the result where you can download the Implementation Manual. To understand if you should use a prop, an eVar, or an event, you need to know how each one of these items is used. Understanding these items, will ultimately help fill out the Omniture Tagging Strategy document.

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Social Media

February 6, 2009

There has been a lot of talk about social media, companies talking about using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. I am going to talk about how my current company uses social media, though I am going to take some liberties with what most people might think of as social media, but I am also going to give some examples of tradition social media. Another way of looking at Social Media according to Wikipedia is User Generated Content (UGC). One of the biggest examples of user generated content for us is our Rate My Space section on our site. Within this section of the site, users can upload pictures of their spaces into 21 different categories. Visitors to the site can comment on the photos and also it them. Photos are uploaded by our visitors every few minutes. Since there are always new photos being uploaded, our visitors come back frequently to check out the new photos to get decorating and/or re-modeling ideas for their spaces. The people who typically uploads photos of their spaces, uploads more than one photo to give multiple views of the room. Visitors will also upload photos of their spaces if they do not like a particular space and would like some help with ideas on how to re-decorate their space. We have also extended this type of UGC content beyond the Rate My Space section of our site. Four our Dream Home sweepstakes, we have My Dream Designs where visitors can upload photos of what is inspirational to them for their dream design or how the HGTV Dream Home has inspired them in their designs for their spaces. Continue Reading!