Omniture Summit 2009

March 17, 2009

Now that it has been a couple of weeks since the summit has ended, I wanted to give me thoughts and opinions about the summit this year. On the last day of the summit, during the ski party someone asked me how many summits that I had been to. When I told him that this is my third summit, he asked why I keep coming back to the summit. What do I get out of the summit any more? Those are very good questions. My reasons for going to the summit this year have obviously changed from the first summit that I went to three years ago. Here are some of the reasons why I went to the summit this year:
o See what new products that Omniture is going to be releasing
o Networking – meet other companies that are tackling the same problems we are
o Get to talk to the Product Managers in person
o Customer Advisory Board meeting
o See what other companies are doing with the Omniture products
o Skiing, of course
OK, skiing is the not really one of the primary reasons why I went the summit this year, but it always nice to blow off some steam after a long week of meetings and sessions. When I went to the summit, I a few things that I wanted to get accomplished. We were having some issues with SiteCatalyst and I wanted to talk to the Product Manager in person to help get my questions answered and bring to their attention how serious this one is we are having. I always like the network component, you can never enough contacts. I have always enjoyed the keynote presentations and this year was no exception. Typically, have been hit and miss. Though this year I thought the breakout sessions have the best in the three years that I been to the summit (and I am not saying that because I was a co-presenter). I listen to a couple of the presentations that I was not able to make and I thought they were both great. Though I did not listen to all of them, I did download a few more of the presentations in pdf and really enjoyed that information that I got from the slides, though I did not get the full benefit of the full presentation.

I really enjoy the keynote presentation by George Colony. He did a fantastic job and I think he made some good points. They may be some basic points, but there were a lot of things that a lot of companies do not think about. Not many people can sit down with a CEO and tell them “your website sucks – if you are not using persona, scenarios and analytics you are in trouble.” I though that was a great line. Though there are a lot of companies using analytics, there are still a few that are not and hopefully this will get companies to invest time and money into developing personas and invest in a/b or multivariate testing. A lot of companies will invest in either developing personas or testing, but not both. I also like one of his other points, “Technology is changing your customer… …your customer will change your company.” He then goes on and compares the differences in technologies used between Gen Y and Gen X. I can speak to personal experience on this one. At my current company, we are seeing a shift in not only who uses our websites, but also who is watching our TV channels. We are working on a strategy to go with this change. The final point that George Colony went over was “When it comes to technology do me (and your company) a favor… …stop being clueless.” You can not understand the technologies until you use them. I agree with this, but I would add that you might want to have a strategy around these new technologies. One of the other keynotes that I really enjoyed was Martin Lindstrom. When I first read the description of the session, I was a little skeptical about it. Buy-ology, what is that and what is that going to mean to me. But I am really glad that I attended the session. Martin did a great job and it was very thought provoking. How many companies can “smash” up their brand and still have their customers recognize the brand? There are probably not many brands and/or companies that can “smash” up their brand and still be recognized. Makes you think that without your logo, can your brandy still be recognizable.

As I mentioned before, I also really enjoyed the breakout sessions. Of course I do have a little bias. I was fortunate enough to co-present at two of the breakout sessions. My first presentation was “Makin’ Gold Records: Turning your SEO team into Rock stars” and my second presentation was “And the Survey Says…..” In the SEO session about some of the KPIs and reports that can help your SEO team. We talked about the Channel Manager Plugin that will give you some advanced SEO reports. In the survey session, we talked about Omniture’s Survey product and how you can tie back the responses to the survey questions to success events. Though I was really busy thinking about my presentations making sure I covered all of my points, I was fortunate enough to attend two other breakout sessions. The first one I attended was about RIA applications and the second one I attended was about Advanced Omniture Tip and Techniques. Both of these sessions were great and the presenters did a great job. I wish I had the opportunity to attend the Media session, but I was preparing for my first presentation. After attending the Media session last year, I was too sure that I was going to get a lot of the session this year. After talking with one of the co-presenters and playing the recording of the session that Omniture sent out last week, I wish I had the opportunity to attend the session. It had some good information about how to pick up ad impressions using the product variable so you do not have to use an eVar, create a success event which then can be tied back to other Conversion reports. I listened to other recordings from other sessions that I was not able to attend and from the few others that I listened to, they all great content and great information.

One of the parts of the summit that I did care for was the vendor booths, though they are necessary and they pay for part of the conference I do not like going in there and being “attacked” by the vendors. Not all of them do this, but the small few ruin this part of the summit for me. Of course there are also the sales calls that I receive, even when I do not visit the vendor’s booth. Even with this part, I though Omniture did a great job and really look forward to next year’s summit.


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