Year in Review

December 23, 2009

It was a year ago this week that I was traveling for the holidays and I made the decision to start this blog while sitting in a hotel room. I knew there were quite a few blogs about web analytics already with various opinions on different topics. When I decided to start this blog I wanted to focus on one thing, sharing my experience in web analytics both good and bad. The experiences that I have shared have been about recent topics and some as far back to when I first started my career in web analytics. I have had a great time writing this blog this past year sharing my experiences. I hope that I was to give you more information about a decision or give you an idea about some things to try. I look forward for the coming year and sharing more experiences with you. Though in the past year, I have focused on certain tools, in the coming year I am planning on sharing experiences about various tools and analysis. In the great time that I have had sharing my experiences, you may have come to my blog and not find the answer you were looking for. I compiled a list of the top search terms that brought users to my blog. I am going to try to give more information and/or links for each of the different search terms.

Omniture Implementation Manual
Getting your hands on the implementation manual can be tricky. In order to get a hold of the manual, you have to either be an Omniture customer or a consultant working with Omniture. If you either one of those, the implementation manual can be located under supporting docs > manuals. There is a column of all of the implementation manuals including the Site Catalyst implementation manual.

Implementing Omniture
An omniture implementation can be a little tricky and you need to plan out what you want to track to help you figure out what users are doing on your site. I wrote two blog posts about this that I hope you will find helpful.
First post about Implementing Omniture
Second post about implementing Omniture

Web Analytics Solutions Profiler
This is a great tool to help you de-bug various web analytics tools. This tool was originally developed and built by Stephane Hamel and recently purchased by iPerceptions. I use this tool all the time to make sure my pages are tagged as well which analytics tool are the competitors using and what information are the capturing. It is a very easy to install plug-in for FireFox. I also take advantage of the crawl feature of this tool.
Web Analytics Solutions Profiler site

Omniture Blog
This is a great resource for some quick tips or to see what is happening in Omniture on different topics from SEO, SEM, Web 2.0, Web Analytics, and mobile analytics and more.
Omniture blog main page

Charles Debugger
This is also another great de-bugging tool. I use this tool to most of my QA when a new tracking feature is launched, we click tracking are added to links, and for flash applications.
Charles Proxy

Omniture Custom Link Tracking
Custom link tracking is great way to track clicks on a link, especially for promotions or links that change out on a consistent basis. It is a great way to aggregate links or modules that reside on multiple pages on the site. It also gives you the flexibility to pass any value into a prop or eVar or pass events. You are also able to trend the click data. The one drawback about custom link tracking is it a call to Omniture, so make sure that your contract can handle the additional calls. To find information about implementing custom link tracking, go to knowledge base and search for link tracking. In the knowledge base article there will be pdf that will give you all of the information.

Tracking Marketing Campaigns
This is another topic that I have written a blog post about. Tracking marketing campaigns is something that is very easy to do, but is something that not everyone does. By tracking your different campaigns, you can see which campaign drove the most success and which ones did not work as well. Depending on which tool you use, will depend on how the tracking will be added.
Traking Marketing Campaigns post

Omniture iPhone Tracking
Tracking of the iPhone applications is one of the great features of Omniture. Though very recently Apple has changed their Terms of Service and the original Omniture iPhone code does not meet that change. Omniture has updated their iPhone tracking code to meet the new Terms of Service. If your iPhone app was rejected in part due to the Omniture tracking, just log into the admin console and download the latest version and replace the old code in the app. That will bring the tracking into compliance with Apple.

Omniture plugins
The plug-ins is one of the greatest codes to implement for an Omniture implementation. You may not need to implement all of the plug-ins, but there is certain plug-ins that is almost mandatory regardless of the type of site. To find a list of some of the plug-ins, you can go to Web Analytics Land to get a list and the code.
SiteCatalyst Plug-ins

Omniture Flash Tracking
Tracking a flash application or flash site with Omniture is fairly easy to accomplish with Omniture’s ActionSource. ActionSource uses the native language to flash, ActionScript. This makes implementation of ActionSource easier or so my developer tells me. There are two ways to implement ActionSource, either through a component that can be placed inside of the flash application, where you can assign the variables inside of the component or you can write the ActionSource directly. To find the implementation manual can be located under supporting docs > manuals. You will want the Media Tracking and ActionSource document. The ActionSource piece is found in chapter two. Some of the items that I have tracked with ActionSource are: flash videos, hotspot clicks, clicks on links that leave the site, etc.

I hope this information was helpful. I look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming year.


2 Responses to “Year in Review”

  1. Richard,

    I’ve enjoyed your posts and found them very informational. Keep up the good work!


  2. Richard,

    Great posting on Omniture implementation and insights. Having used (and worked for) Omniture for a few years, I’ve seen the good bad and ugly of implementing it.

    One tool I’d like your readers to consider was built by Omniture co-founder John Pestana to audit any analytics implementation. Unlike competitors, ObservePoint SiteAudit is a server based, analytics auditing solution that was built for the marketer and currently covers the major analytics vendors and more. If you want an automated solution to audit and monitor your Omniture implementation, check out SiteAudit

    [Disclaimer, I now work with ObservePoint]

    Nathan McLain

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