In the years that I have spent in web analytics, one of the questions that I get is we are thinking about redesigning a certain page or creating a marketing promotional page on the site and we how far down the page did the users view of the page. My first answer is to recommend running a test on the page to see which design drives the most success. I usually then get a response back that they do not have a testing tool, the time, or the resources to run a test. After I stop crying from that response, I then say let me see what I can do. After doing a little digging to see what solution that I can find. I came up with a solution that will allow the teams to see how much of the page initially viewed and how much of the page was viewed in total. This solution will take the screen resolution of the users out of the equation to get the most accurate information possible. I then can create a classification file to create different groupings for the report, which include total % of page viewed and scrolling %. After I created the report, I showed the original report to the teams and explained each of the different views. For this report, you are actually going to need two variables (s.props) to take full advantage of the reporting: one to calculate how much of the page was viewed and one to capture the previous page the user viewed.
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