Hi! My name is Richard Calentine. Welcome to my blog. I am web analyst by title, but an internet analyst by trade. I create tagging plans, track user interactions on websites, create KPIs, and perform analysis on the variety of ways the websites that I work on are engaged with the internet. This includes activity that occurs on the websites (editorial and video) and activity that drives users to the sites (email marketing, paid search, natural search, cross promotion, and social media – twitter, facebook, etc). Basically, I like to track, report on, and analyze anything that has to do with the internet and user activity on websites. I have been a speaker at both the Coremetrics Client Summit and the Omniture Client Summit twice. I also co-presented with Omniture for an Adobe eSeminar about Measuring and Optimizing Rich Internet Applications.

Here is a little more detailed information about me. I have eight years experience in web analytics and online marketing and eleven years experience in marketing and finance (what can I say, I love numbers). My industry experience includes three and a half years with Coremetrics, five years with Omniture (I have used a variety of their tools that include SiteCatalyst, Test and Target, Discover, Insight, Survey, and Genesis all of which have helped me work on Omniture implementations, kpi reporting, anlaysis,data mining), two years with Google Analytics (working on my friends blog and a couple of other sites), three years with Responsys, one and a half years with Commission Junction, three years with Hitwise, two years with Survey Monkey, two years with Business Objects, one year with iPerceptions, one year with Opinion Labs, and six months with TeaLeaf. I have worked in eCommerce and in the media industry. I have tagged several new site launches and re-designs. I manage third party vendor relationships and web analytics tools (also currently on the Customer Advisory Board for Survey and was on the Discover CAB), which includes acting as analytics lead to coordinate with design and technical teams to implement page tags (have written some JavaScript), create source codes and campaign tracking and responsible for the creation of web dashboard reports with appropriate KPI’s that are measured and tracked on a weekly and monthly basis.

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Neiman Marcus: I am currently the Director, Web Analytics in the Customer Insights group. I lead a team of three where we are responsible for the SiteCatalyst implementations, web analysis using both SiteCatalyst, Discover, and SAS and site usability.

Dell: I was the SiteCatalyst Program Manager in the Global Online Analytics and Testing group. I was responsible for the SiteCatalyst implementations and the roadmap across Dell globally and merging SiteCatalyst data with offline data.

Scripps Networks: I was the Manager, Web Analytics, where I was the Omniture advocate. I show my “clients” how to use Omniture and how to interpret the information they are looking at in Omniture. I also identify areas of the site that could benefit from optimization. I develop hypotheses on how the performance of areas of the site could be improved. I set up tracking for measuring new designs and navigation elements to determine which contributed the best with customer engagement and meeting the overall site goals. I work closely with several teams within the organization, from Research, UI designers and developers, Site Managers, Business Intelligence, Editors, Sales and Marketing, Online marketing, and Internal Search team. I distribute Weekly KPI Reports and Monthly Summary Reports. I have developed a complete tagging plan for a new sites that we launched, including Frontdoor and Ecologue and sites that we redesigned including Food Network and HGTV. I created the documentation for the plan and delivered the plan to the developers to code the site. I audited the tagging of the site to make sure the tagging completed according to the plan using the Charles Debugger. I was a speaker at the 2009 Omniture Summit about Advanced Analytics for SEO and about using Surveys on your site.

Jewelry Television:I created and reviewed regularly scheduled or ad hoc web analytics metrics reports. I implemented advanced metrics ‘dashboards’ for end-user self service. I provided data for and monitoring of intermediate to advanced web analytics KPI’s; work with business stakeholders to identify and provide data for new or improved KPI’s. I contributed to the development of business cases and metrics plans for proposed projects. I analyzed incoming requests and provide accurate and comprehensive estimates on work effort and expected completion dates both on an individual and group level. I provided second-level support to implementation teams in setting up products for measurement (i.e. tagging). I provided support to the BI team on how to best leverage available data and tools. I provided data for and monitoring of advanced web analytics KPI’s; work with and provide direction to business stakeholders to identify and provide data for new or improved KPI’s. I contributed to the development of business cases and metrics plans for proposed projects.

Team Express:I managed five main marketing campaign reporting and analysis for two websites. I managed the paid search programs (PPC) through Google and Yahoo and determine the landing page for each keyword that was bid on. I researched and managed the selection of a web analytics company, Coremetrics. I tracked the customer’s movement, browsing behavior, and buying behavior for both of the websites. I distributed sales reports on a daily and weekly basis and analyzed how the sales were in comparison to our marketing programs. I analyzed the conversion rates for each keyword for Google and Yahoo. Researched and managed the selection of an e-mail vendor, Responsys, to send promotional e-mails to our customers. I manage the e-mail database, the segmentation of the e-mail database, e-mail collection, and unsubscribing from our e-mail program. I managed the bidding strategy for each keyword through the paid search programs. I was the affiliate manager for our affiliate program through Commission Junction. Review applications for potential affiliates. Contact lower performing affiliates to increase sales. Recruit new companies for our affiliate program. Speaker at the 2006 Coremetrics Client Summit about segmentation and targeting for e-mail marketing. I analyzed the checkout process using web analytics tool Coremetrics, reduced the registration process and increased number of customers completing checkout process by 23% and increased online sales by 10%.

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