With the recent announcement from the SXSW Interactive Director to raise prices by 27% for early registration, I thought I would branch out a little bit from my usual posts and talk about what I thought about SXSW Interactive from a web analyst perspective. The reason that the Interactive Director gave for the price increase was the new price is competitive with other pure tech conferences. While SXSW also includes a music and film portions, the majority of the attendance is for the interactive portion and the price increases for music and film were not quite a steep. My personal thought for the price increase is to control the number of people that will attend the conference. There were rumors that SXSW was going to limit registration and while they did not limit registration, by raising the rates it has the same affect and if the same number of people attend as last year then SXSW will just make money. Now the question is, with the price increase or without the price increase, is it worth going to SXSW Interactive.
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Year in Review

December 23, 2009

It was a year ago this week that I was traveling for the holidays and I made the decision to start this blog while sitting in a hotel room. I knew there were quite a few blogs about web analytics already with various opinions on different topics. When I decided to start this blog I wanted to focus on one thing, sharing my experience in web analytics both good and bad. The experiences that I have shared have been about recent topics and some as far back to when I first started my career in web analytics. I have had a great time writing this blog this past year sharing my experiences. I hope that I was to give you more information about a decision or give you an idea about some things to try. I look forward for the coming year and sharing more experiences with you. Though in the past year, I have focused on certain tools, in the coming year I am planning on sharing experiences about various tools and analysis. In the great time that I have had sharing my experiences, you may have come to my blog and not find the answer you were looking for. I compiled a list of the top search terms that brought users to my blog. I am going to try to give more information and/or links for each of the different search terms.
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Social Media

February 6, 2009

There has been a lot of talk about social media, companies talking about using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. I am going to talk about how my current company uses social media, though I am going to take some liberties with what most people might think of as social media, but I am also going to give some examples of tradition social media. Another way of looking at Social Media according to Wikipedia is User Generated Content (UGC). One of the biggest examples of user generated content for us is our Rate My Space section on our site. Within this section of the site, users can upload pictures of their spaces into 21 different categories. Visitors to the site can comment on the photos and also it them. Photos are uploaded by our visitors every few minutes. Since there are always new photos being uploaded, our visitors come back frequently to check out the new photos to get decorating and/or re-modeling ideas for their spaces. The people who typically uploads photos of their spaces, uploads more than one photo to give multiple views of the room. Visitors will also upload photos of their spaces if they do not like a particular space and would like some help with ideas on how to re-decorate their space. We have also extended this type of UGC content beyond the Rate My Space section of our site. Four our Dream Home sweepstakes, we have My Dream Designs where visitors can upload photos of what is inspirational to them for their dream design or how the HGTV Dream Home has inspired them in their designs for their spaces. Continue Reading!