In my Year in Review post I mentioned that I was not going to focus on certain tools and focus more on my experiences that could be applied to different tools. In this post, I am going to cover a little bit of each. I am going to focus more on a specific web analytics tool and how to merge data from different sources to get a more holistic view of the visitor. My experience of merging data from different sources comes mainly from a media site perspective and that is what I am going to focus on. As some of you may know, Omniture allows you to use Data Sources to import information from another source into Omniture. That is one way to get an overall view of the customer. However, I am going to focus on option from Omniture that is not as widely known called ‘Data Feed.’ The data feed is a great option if you want to export your Omniture data into another tool to do more analysis.
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Traffic Sources Reporting

March 15, 2010

I have been back for a little over a week from another great Omniture Summit and my fourth summit. I went over my notes from each of the sessions that I attended and some of the slides of the presentation that I could not attend. I am not going to write a full recap of the summit this year, as there are already a few of them out there that do a great job recapping the summit and some of the sessions. Some of the sessions during the summit covered different ways to track the traffic sources. For those who attended last year’s summit, you might remember the announcement of the Channel Manager plug-in. The Channel Manager plug-in is very similar to the Unified Sources VISTA Rule (USVR). The biggest difference between the two is the Channel Manager plug-in needs help from the consulting group and the Unified Sources VISTA Rule needs help from the Engineering Services group. I am going to write about the Unified Sources VISTA Rule, some of the reports that we had created from the USVR, and some of the decisions that can be made from these reports. When we decided to go with the USVR, the next decision was decided which reports we would like to have set up. We talked to several of our internal clients and then thought about the business and which reports would help the business make better decisions. I worked very closely with the engineering services group to make sure the logic would be exactly what we wanted.
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