Now that we have set up Coremetrics, tagged the site, and de-bugged the Coremetrics tags, now what? The first thing that I did was run some reports and make sure the reports where showing up the way that I wanted them to and I ran a few Clickstream reports. Since I worked for an eCommerce company, after I got used to the interface and ran a few reports, I wanted to concentrate on the checkout process. Since we really never had a web analytics tool before, we never really knew how well our checkout process worked (or did not work). Our checkout process was five to seven pages, depending if you had one our catalogs (the longer checkout process if you had a catalog). I had a hypothesis that the longer checkout process was confusing and frustrating to our customers. Of course it was just a hypothesis and I wanted to have the numbers to back up my theory. After looking at all of these reports, I need to find a few reports that would best give me the information to determine how well the checkout process was working. When you go into a project like this, you really need to have a hypothesis of what you think is going to happen. My hypothesis in the case was that the longer checkout was confusing and frustrating and that we had a high shopping cart abandonment rate. To help me determine if my hypothesis was correct or not I first ran a funnel (or fall-out) report to see which step in the checkout process, if any, the visitors were abandoning the most. Continue Reading!