Omniture Summit 2009

March 17, 2009

Now that it has been a couple of weeks since the summit has ended, I wanted to give me thoughts and opinions about the summit this year. On the last day of the summit, during the ski party someone asked me how many summits that I had been to. When I told him that this is my third summit, he asked why I keep coming back to the summit. What do I get out of the summit any more? Those are very good questions. My reasons for going to the summit this year have obviously changed from the first summit that I went to three years ago. Here are some of the reasons why I went to the summit this year:
o See what new products that Omniture is going to be releasing
o Networking – meet other companies that are tackling the same problems we are
o Get to talk to the Product Managers in person
o Customer Advisory Board meeting
o See what other companies are doing with the Omniture products
o Skiing, of course
OK, skiing is the not really one of the primary reasons why I went the summit this year, but it always nice to blow off some steam after a long week of meetings and sessions. When I went to the summit, I a few things that I wanted to get accomplished. We were having some issues with SiteCatalyst and I wanted to talk to the Product Manager in person to help get my questions answered and bring to their attention how serious this one is we are having. I always like the network component, you can never enough contacts. I have always enjoyed the keynote presentations and this year was no exception. Typically, have been hit and miss. Though this year I thought the breakout sessions have the best in the three years that I been to the summit (and I am not saying that because I was a co-presenter). I listen to a couple of the presentations that I was not able to make and I thought they were both great. Though I did not listen to all of them, I did download a few more of the presentations in pdf and really enjoyed that information that I got from the slides, though I did not get the full benefit of the full presentation.
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Implementing Omniture Part II

February 12, 2009

When I wrote my first post on Implementing Omniture, I wanted to give a general overview of some of the techniques that I use to implement Omniture to help inform business decisions. I have had a better than expected response to the post. I want to follow up with more techniques, but I am going to cover a few more items. I am going to go over the differences between an eVar, a prop, and an event and how I choose which one I use. I am also going to cover the Omniture plug-ins that I use and why I use them. I was looking at some of my RSS reader and I saw a post by Adam Greco of Omniture that goes over some of the plug-in that Omniture offers. I know there are some people who are searching to find the Omniture Implementation manual for SiteCatalyst. As far as I am aware, the only way to get the Omniture Implementation Manual is having a login for SiteCatalyst. You will need to go to Knowledge Base section under Help and do a search for “full implementation manual.” That should get you the result where you can download the Implementation Manual. To understand if you should use a prop, an eVar, or an event, you need to know how each one of these items is used. Understanding these items, will ultimately help fill out the Omniture Tagging Strategy document.

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That is an interesting question, one that I have seen on the Yahoo Board a few times and one that I asked a couple of years ago. Should you change web analytics vendors? The answer is it depends on your company and the situation of your company. A couple of years ago, my company was in the position to consider switching web analytics vendors. It was a very long and complicated and one that we did not want to go into lightly. Before switching web analytics, you need think about why you want to switch vendors. Think customer service will be better at the other company (we always do, right)? You like some of the other reports at the other vendor? You want to have all of your reports in real time? Your reports are not processing in a timely manner? I could go on with a lot more questions that might get you thinking about switching web analytics vendors. All of these questions are reasonable things to look at and consider, but really there is only one question that you should be asking. Are you fully utilizing your current web analytics solution and is it helping you answers your business questions. Well, ok that is two questions. The answer to the second question will help you answer the question to the first. We should have probably asked ourselves this question in the beginning. Instead we decided to start the Proof of Concept (POC). During the POC we spent a lot of time doing a deep analysis between the two tools, comparing feature for feature. At this point, we still really had not really asked ourselves if our current vendor was helping us answering our business question. Some might argue that you can ask this question during the POC. Continue Reading!