That is an interesting question, one that I have seen on the Yahoo Board a few times and one that I asked a couple of years ago. Should you change web analytics vendors? The answer is it depends on your company and the situation of your company. A couple of years ago, my company was in the position to consider switching web analytics vendors. It was a very long and complicated and one that we did not want to go into lightly. Before switching web analytics, you need think about why you want to switch vendors. Think customer service will be better at the other company (we always do, right)? You like some of the other reports at the other vendor? You want to have all of your reports in real time? Your reports are not processing in a timely manner? I could go on with a lot more questions that might get you thinking about switching web analytics vendors. All of these questions are reasonable things to look at and consider, but really there is only one question that you should be asking. Are you fully utilizing your current web analytics solution and is it helping you answers your business questions. Well, ok that is two questions. The answer to the second question will help you answer the question to the first. We should have probably asked ourselves this question in the beginning. Instead we decided to start the Proof of Concept (POC). During the POC we spent a lot of time doing a deep analysis between the two tools, comparing feature for feature. At this point, we still really had not really asked ourselves if our current vendor was helping us answering our business question. Some might argue that you can ask this question during the POC. Continue Reading!


December 23, 2008

Welcome to my web analytics blog. My name is Richard Calentine. I have decided to enter the blogging world. 🙂 Though, there are already a lot of web analytics blogs and you can find a most of them at All Top . There are a couple of my personal favorite blogs listed on the right as well some of the most resent posts on the Web Analytics Yahoo Groups. I need to do something different to make my blog standout from the other web analytics blogs. I will talk about some of the same topics that the other blogs cover with my own take on the topic, such as: KPI reports and engagement. However I am going to focus on some different topics, such as: how I got involved in web analytics and internet marketing, my process for picking a web analytics vendor, how I got my internal clients to look at KPI reports, switching vendors, how I go about debugging web analytics tagging, and more topics. There are also blogs and documentation on tips and tricks on how to use Omniture and Google Analytics. I will not focus a lot on this, though from time to time I will mention a few tips that I learned in Omniture and Google Analytics. I have been reading the Web Analytics Yahoo Group board for several years and I always see someone ask a “newbie” question. I am going to try to give as much insight as I can on some of these topics and share my personal experiences that I have spent in web analytics for the last five years.